The Italian art of decorating with wood

The Our goal is to create furniture and accessories in a unique way and personalized.
The craftsmanship, attention to detail, finishes, customization with the use of quality raw materials mean that our products are proudly signed pieces and unique.

For our work we use precious woods such as oak, chestnut, cherry and especially walnut, one of the most precious woods in the world.

Thanks to the use of exotic woods, coming from all corners of the world, we create inlays and solid wood mosaics combined with the construction of furniture. You can create unique pieces with the possibility of special customization according to customer requests.

Among our works:

  • Fine finishes handmade with high quality materials
    Chests of drawers in walnut with inlays
    Extendable table up to 4 meters, with detailed world map inlay.
    Framework and solid wood inlays, with the natural colors of woods
    Precious objects and containers
    Door luxury cigars
    luxury furniture
    Toys and models of cars in wood, bikes, planes, boats, trucks, etc ..