Over 60 years of experience in the art of decorating with wood

Gianfranco Caporali

Master cabinet maker and carpenter Gianfranco Caporali has over 60 years of experience in woodworking. He awarded the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro in 1989 by the President of the Republic Ciampi and awarded in December 2007 by the Lombardy Region as Craftsman Excellent within the ARTIS project.

Thanks to the extraordinary sensitivity, to his innate creativity, Caporali has created jobs enriched with precious inlays. He has created numerous works of a religious nature, donated to the church institutions. He dedicated himself with passion to another great hobby: revisit and restore motorcycles and cars, perfectly functioning realizing wooden body with actor and close friend Renato cockpit, with which brings to the stage of the Italian cinematography machines and sidecars that peep also in the TV screen. In his life he has had a fundamental part also the accordion. It still works with with great commitment and passion to the creation of important new works in wood.

Ulises Estrada

Heir of art and passion for wood of the master Gianfranco Caporali, Ulises Estrada is an excellent craftsman and artist of wood, he creates unique designer pieces in precious wood.

Born in Mexico by a family of carpenters (grandfather, father, brother) Ulises Estrada has been enriched by the experience of two generations before arriving in Italy and meet his teacher and mentor Gianfranco Caporali. Learn the importance of detail, quality and Italian craftsmanship, combined with the use of high quality materials, and to his great creativity and imagination.

Proudly continues the family tradition and the name of the Caporali Bottega, giving an innovative vision without forgetting the artistic side.